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Letter of Interest (LOI) Process


Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) is accepting applications under the Letter of Interest (LOI) process for unmet needs that have been identified within the agency. Individuals and agencies offering an identified service may submit applications following the instructions provided with the LOI announcement. Applications are reviewed and eligible applicants are selected to move to the next stage of development. 
Applicants may be asked to submit a program design using guidelines provided by TCRC, depending on the service. These program designs are reviewed by an interdisciplinary team for compliance with applicable regulations, qualifications, and use of best practices. When the program design has been approved, the applicant will be asked to complete and return TCRC vendorization forms including a cost statement and other documentation such as professional licenses and insurance certificates. 
When all documentation has been submitted, the rate will be established, a unique vendor number assigned, and a payment agreement signed by the vendor and TCRC. Once the process has been completed, the newly vendored provider is ready to receive referrals.
Due to the limited time constraints for development, we request that applicants only submit LOI's for services that address TCRC's immediate needs listed below.  Submissions for services not listed will not be considered.  Please submit LOI's electronically per the instructions below.