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How Does it Work?

Services funded through the CA DDS are regulated by State and Federal laws and regulations.  TCRC is responsible for maintaining a balance between what is important to an individual, what is effective, what is available and how it is funded.  We use a "person centered" approach to provide an individualized method to understanding the needs and desires of the person.  We then work together with many people and organizations to design a  course of action.

In many situations a group of people come together as a "planning team" to assist in the development of a plan.  The planning team consists of (but not limited to), the person served, family members, TCRC Service Coordinator, clinical staff and service provider representatives.  This planning team can give a broad perspective on the goals and eventually they all work together to accomplish the outcomes.


Person-Centered Planning Process

The Planning Team and the individual served rely on the IPP and the IFSP processes to ensure that the person's needs and interests are the basis of his/her everyday activities.

Individual Program Plan (IPP)

An IPP is the outcome of the planning process for you and your team.  It describes what should happen for you and your family to help support you and get to your goals for a good quality of life.

Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP)

This planning process is for families and their infant or toddler, new born to three years of age.  Services and supports are developed to provide help and guidance for all of the persons who take care of or see the child on a daily basis.  The purpose is to the strengthen the family's ability to nurture and encourage the child.


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