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Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) opens a Request for Proposals (RFP) cycle following an extensive needs assessment process in which critical unmet needs have been identified. Individuals and agencies offering an identified service may submit proposals following the instructions provided with the RFP announcement. Proposals are reviewed and one or more in each service category selected to move to the next stage of development. Selected applicants are asked to submit a full program design using guidelines provided by TCRC. These program designs are reviewed by an interdisciplinary team for compliance with applicable regulations and use of best practices. When the program design has been approved, the provider is asked to complete and return TCRC vendorization forms including a cost statement and other documentation such as licenses. The final step is the signing of a payment agreement or contract. Once the process has been completed, the newly vendored provider is assigned a unique vendor identification number and is ready to receive referrals.

Winter 2015 - Upcoming Development

Adult level 4, Elderly and Children's level 2-4 Residential Facilities

Please note the following information:
-Please contact Community Care Licensing for eligibility and information on the licensing process; you do not have to wait for the RFP.
-Please thoroughly read Title 17 and Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations to familiarize yourself with the requirements for a residential facility.  This will assist you in deciding if this service is right for you to apply for.
-After RFP Executive Summaries are submitted, if selected, applicants will have sixty (60) days to secure property.

Summer 2014 RFP - CLOSED

Due to the high volume of proposals received, the notification dates for RFP awards have been extended to October 10, 2014 for Infant Development Program and September 26, 2014 for Healthy Relationships Training.

Healthy Relationships Training RFP 

Healthy Relationships Training - Instructions and Forms

Infant Development Program RFP

Infant Development Program RFP - Instructions and Forms

Summer 2014 RFP Schedule:  Important Dates

Please read first: RFP Instructions and Forms

Spring 2014 RFP - CLOSED

Social Skills Training

Spring 2014 RFP Schedule: Important Dates

Click here for previously awarded RFPs.

RFPs at Other Regional Centers

Click here for NLACRC RFPs

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