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Greetings fellow service providers!

We’d like your feedback in our 1st annual provider survey! All responses are confidential. The survey takes only a few minutes and will *close October 28th*. We welcome your feedback! Please have only 1 person per organization complete this survey.  Service Provider Survey on 2019 Priorities.

What is the VAC?
Each Regional Center has a board of directors and a Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC). The purpose of the VAC is to provide a diverse provider perspective to the Regional Center staff and board of directors, and to provide a forum at which providers can receive important updates and discuss concerns. The VAC at TCRC is made up of 15 voting providers – 7 are comprised of the top POS vendors and 8 are elected by their peers to represent a variety of services across all three counties.

The VAC meets monthly with top TCRC management and is open to all providers. The meeting agendas are designed to give providers a forum to discuss pressing issues for their organization or service type, review local/State/Federal issues for our service system, receive important updates from TCRC personnel, and to ask questions.

As a committee of the TCRC Board of Directors (TCADD), the current VAC leadership is interested in receiving feedback from all providers that will help to inform 2019 VAC priorities. ALL responses are confidential. Individual responses will not be shared outside the three VAC officers (currently Sharon Francis of Channel Islands Social Services, Paula Johnson of Arc Ventura County, and Seth Miller of Pathpoint). The survey data will be summarized and presented at the November VAC meeting.

If you have any questions regarding this survey please email Sharon at

Contact info in the survey is being collected to ensure non-duplication of submissions and follow-up by VAC leadership if needed. All data is confidential.

Thank you!
Sharon M. Francis
TCADD Vendor Advisory Committee Representative

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