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A Call to Action from the Lanterman Coalition

A Call to Action from The Lanterman Coalition


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Advocacy Letters:   

Legislative Champions



Wesley Chesbro

Senator Jim Beall
Advocacy Letter

Assem. Fran Pavley
Advocacy Letter

Senator Joel Anderson

Follow the action at @ArcCAadvocacy

Lanterman Coalition Members

The Arc United Cerebral Palsy CA Collaboration:

 Budget Letter


Association of Regional Center Agencies:

Budget Letter  – new 


Disability Rights California:


Budget Letter

Autism Speaks:
Budget Letter


Developmental Services Budget Hearings

This Lanterman Coalition document was endorsed by 19 major stakeholders in California’s community based developmental services system: The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration, the Association of Regional Center Agencies, Autism Society of California, California Disability Services Association, California Supported Living Network, Disability Rights California, Family Resource Centers Network of California, People First of California, Service Employees International Union, Cal-TASH, Easter Seals, The Alliance, Autism Speaks, the Alliance of California Autism Organizations, ResCoalition, and the California Respite Association, Infant Development Association, and Educate-Advocate.

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A Call to Action:


It is true that Governor Brown has not yet responded  to the serious appeal made by our community of advocates of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, their providers, and all their supporters.  It is also true that his May revised budget continues the approach that allowed the state to make most of the Health and Human Services cuts during the recession to the supports and civil rights of people with disabilities in our community.


However, it is NOT true that we have lost the fight.  Actually the fight has just begun to heat up.  We have so many legislators who have stood up for us, and more keep coming.  They know what community providers and regional centers mean to their districts and their constituents with disabilities and families.  Now is the time to step it up a notch and show the budget committees we are not going away, people with developmental disabilities deserve to be a priority in California.



Assemblymember Shirley Weber

  1. Come to the Assembly Health and Human Services Budget Hearing chaired by Assemblymember Shirley Weber this Friday May 16, 2014 at 9:00 AM, in the Capitol, Room 4202.  Testify and let the policymakers know how these many years of cuts and freezes and changes in eligibility have impacted you and our community.

    Senator Ellen Corbett

  2. Do it again for the Senate Health and Human Services Budget Hearing chaired by Senator Ellen Corbett, on Wednesday, May 21th, at 10:00 AM, in the Capitol, Room 4203.

  3. If you can come on Monday, May 19th, at 1:00pm, in the Capitol, Room 4203, the Senate HHS Budget committee will also hear testimony on the Developmental Centers.  This is  important because the futures of people in developmental centers and their families depends on a successful transition plan to community services.  The days of separation are over, all of us are in this together. 

  4. While the deadline for the “Chesbro Letter” is Thursday by noon, please keep on this if your legislator hasn’t signed on with their support for the letter.

This is not the time to relax.  If you were saving your energy for the right moment, this is it!  Thank you for your advocacy.


The Lanterman Coalition


Assembly Health and Human Services Budget Committee Members (Staff – Nicole Vazquez):

Assm. Shirley Weber, Chair

Assm. Wesley Chesbro (Signed Chesbro Letter)

Assm. Roger Dickinson (Signed Chesbro Letter)

Assm. Shannon L. Grove (Signed Chesbro Letter)

Assm. Allan R. Mansoor


Full Budget Chairs

Nancy Skinner, Chair

Jeff Gorell, Vice Chair (Signed Chesbro Letter)  


Senate HHS Budget Committee (Staff – Peggy Collins): 

Ellen Corbett, Chair

William W. Monning

Mike L. Morrell


Full Budget Chairs

Mark Leno, Chair

Jim Nielsen, Vice Chair

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Supporters Who is Supporting Us So Far?


Here’s the honor role of signers as of now:

  1. Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian

  2. Assemblymember Tom Ammiano

  3. Senator Joel Anderson

  4. Senator Marty Block

  5. Assemblymember Rocky Chavez

  6. Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro

  7. Senator Mark deSaulnier

  8. Assemblymember Roger Dickinson

  9. Senator Jean Fuller

  10. Assemblymember Christina Garcia

  11. Assemblymember Shannon Grove

  12. Assemblymember Brian Nestande

  13. Senator Fran Pavley

  14. Assemblymember V. Manuel Perez

  15. Senator Andy Vidak

  16. Assemblymember Marie Waldron

  17. Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski       

  18. Assemblymember Das Williams

*Indicated Verbal Commitment

  • *Senator Jim Beall

  • *Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra

  • *Assemblymember Rob Bonta  

  • *Assemblymember Matthew Dababneh

Please call them and thank them for their support, it’s important. 

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Your Representative Hasn’t Signed-On in

Support.  It must be an oversight.  Give ’em a call and ask them to sign the letter.

find your legislator

  1. Adam Gray (D), Assembly District: 21- Area: Merced

  2. Adrin Nazarian (D) Assembly District: 46 – Area: Sherman Oaks

  3. Al Muratsuchi (D) Assembly District: 66 – Area: Torrance.

  4. Alex Padilla (D) Senate District: 20 – Area: Pacoima

  5. Allan R. Mansoor (R) Assembly District: 74 – Area: Costa Mesa.

  6. Anthony J. Cannella  (R) Senate District: 12 – Area: Ceres.

  7. Anthony Rendon Ph.D. (D) Assembly District: 63 – Area: Lakewood.

  8. Ben Hueso (D) Senate District: 40 – Area: San Diego.

  9. Beth Gaines (R) Assembly  District: 06 – Area: Rocklin.

  10. Bill Quirk (D) Assembly District: 20 – Area: Hayward.

  11. Bob Huff (R) Senate District: 29 – Area: Diamond Bar.

  12. Bonnie Lowenthal (D) Assembly District: 70 – Area: Long Beach.

  13. Brian Dahle  (R) Assembly District: 01 – Area: Bieber.

  14. Brian Maienschein (R) Assembly District: 77 – Area: San Diego.

  15. Brian W. Jones (R) Assembly District: 71 – Area: Santee.

  16. Carol Liu (D) Senate District: 25 – Area: La Canada Flintridge.

  17. Cathleen Galgiani (D) Senate District: 05 – Area: Stockton.

  18. Cheryl Brown (D) Assembly District: 47 – Area: San Bernardino.

  19. Chris Holden (D) Assembly District: 41 – Area: Pasadena.

  20. Connie Conway (R) Assembly District: 26 – Area: Tulare.

  21. Curt C. Hagman (R) Assembly District: 55 – Area: Chino Hills.

  22. Dan Logue (R) Assembly District: 03 – Area: Marysville.

  23. Darrell Steinberg (D) Senate District: 06 – Area: Sacramento.

  24. Diane L. Harkey (R) Assembly District: 73 – Area: Dana Point.

  25. Donald P. Wagner (R) Assembly District: 68 – Area: Irvine.

  26. Ed Chau (D) Assembly District: 49 – Area: Arcadia.

  27. Ed Hernandez O.D. (D) Senate District: 24 – Area: West Covina.

  28. Ellen Corbett (D) Senate District: 10 – Area: Hayward.

  29. Eric F. Linder (R) Assembly District: 60 – Area: Corona.

  30. Frank Bigelow (R) Assembly District: 05 – Area: O’Neals.

  31. Freddie Rodriguez (D) Assembly District: 52 – Area: Pomona.

  32. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D) Senate District: 19 – Area: Santa Barbara. 

  33. Henry T. Perea (D) Assembly District: 31 – Area: Fresno.

  34. Holly J. Mitchell (D) Senate District: 26 – Area: Los Angeles.

  35. Ian C. Calderon (D) Assembly District: 57 – Area: Whittier.

  36. Isadore Hall III (D) Assembly District: 64 – Area: Compton.

  37. Jerry Hill (D) Senate District: 13 – Area: San Mateo.

  38. Jim L. Frazier Jr. (D) Assembly District: 11 – Area: Oakley.

  39. Jim Patterson (R) Assembly District: 23 – Area: Fresno.

  40. Jim W. Nielsen (R) Senate District: 04 – Area: Gerber.

  41. Jimmy Gomez (D) Assembly District: 51 – Area: Los Angeles.

  42. Joan Buchanan (D) Assembly District: 16 – Area: Alamo.

  43. John A. Pérez (D) Assembly District: 53 – Area: Los Angeles.

  44. Jose Medina (D) Assembly District: 61 – Area: Riverside.

  45. Ken Cooley (D) Assembly District: 08 – Area: Rancho Cordova.

  46. Kevin de Leon (D) Senate District: 22 – Area: Los Angeles.

  47. Kevin Mullin (D) Assembly District: 22 – Area: South San Francisco.

  48. Kristin M. Olsen (R) Assembly District: 12 – Area: Modesto.

  49. Leland Yee (D) Suspended Senate District: 08 – Area: San Francisco.

  50. Lois Wolk (D) Senate District: 03 – Area: Davis.

  51. Loni Hancock (D) Senate District: 09 – Area: Berkeley.

  52. Lorena Gonzalez (D) Assembly District: 80 – Area: San Diego.

  53. Lou Correa (D) Senate District: 34 – Area: Santa Ana.

  54. Luis Alejo (D) Assembly District: 30 – Area: Watsonville.

  55. Marc B. Levine (D) Assembly District: 10     Area: San Rafael.

  56. Mariko Yamada (D) Assembly     District: 04     Area: Davis.

  57. Mark Leno (D) Senate District: 11 Area: San Francisco

  58. Mark Stone (D) Assembly     District: 29     Area: Scotts Valley

  59. Mark Wyland (R) Senate District: 38 Area: Escondido

  60. Melissa Melendez     R     State Assembly     District: 67     Area: Lake Elsinore

  61. Mike Gatto     D     State Assembly     District: 43     Area: Los Angeles

  62. Mike L. Morrell     R     State Senate     District: 23     Area: Redlands

  63. Mimi Walters     R     State Senate     District: 37     Area: Laguna Nigel

  64. Nancy Skinner     D     State Assembly     District: 15     Area: Berkeley

  65. Nora Campos     D     State Assembly     District: 27     Area: San Jose

  66. Noreen Evans     D     State Senate     District: 02     Area: Santa Rosa

  67. Norma J. Torres     D     State Senate     District: 32     Area: Pomona

  68. Paul Fong     D     State Assembly     District: 28     Area: San Jose

  69. Philip Y. Ting     D     State Assembly     District: 19     Area: San Francisco

  70. Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer Sr.     D     State Assembly     District: 59     Area: Los Angeles

  71. Ricardo Lara     D     State Senate     District: 33     Area: Bell Gardens

  72. Richard D. Roth     D     State Senate     District: 31     Area: Riverside

  73. Richard H. Bloom     D     State Assembly     District: 50     Area: Santa Monica

  74. Richard Pan M.D.     D     State Assembly     District: 09     Area: Sacramento

  75. Richard S. Gordon     D     State Assembly     District: 24     Area: Menlo Park

  76. Roderick D. Wright     D     State Senate     District: 35     Area: Inglewood

  77. Roger Hernandez     D     State Assembly     District: 48     Area: West Covina

  78. Ronald S. Calderon     D     State Senate     District: 30     Area: Montebello

  79. Rudy Salas     D     State Assembly     District: 32     Area: Bakersfield

  80. Scott T. Wilk     R     State Assembly     District: 38     Area: Santa Clarita

  81. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas     D     State Assembly     District: 54     Area: Los Angeles

  82. Sharon Quirk-Silva     D     State Assembly    District: 65     Area: Fullerton

  83. Shirley N. Weber     D     State Assembly     District: 79     Area: San Diego

  84. Stephen T. Knight     R     State Senate     District: 21     Area: Palmdale

  85. Steve Fox     D     State Assembly     District: 36     Area: Palmdale

  86. Steven Bradford     D     State Assembly     District: 62     Area: Gardena

  87. Susan Bonilla     D     State Assembly     District: 14     Area: Concord

  88. Susan Talamantes Eggman     D     State Assembly     District: 13     Area: Stockton

  89. Ted Gaines     R     State Senate     District: 01     Area: Rocklin

  90. Ted W. Lieu     D     State Senate     District: 28     Area: Torrance

  91. Tim M. Donnelly     R     State Assembly     District: 33     Area: Twin Peaks

  92. Tom Berryhill     R     State Senate     District: 14     Area: Modesto

  93. Tom F. Daly     D     State Assembly     District: 69     Area: Anaheim

  94. Toni G. Atkins     D     State Assembly     District: 78     Area: San Diego

  95. Travis Allen     R     State Assembly     District: 72     Area: Huntington Beach

  96. William W. Monning     D     State Senate     District: 17     Area: Carmel    

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