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Action Alert: Make Call, Write or Share this Week

Recently, the Los Angeles News Group revisited its previously-published support of the developmental services system (and the Lanterman Coalition) with an editorial titled “Funding must go to state’s most vulnerable – those with developmental disabilities.” It has been published online in 9 papers, and urges Governor Brown to put $357 million to our system in the soon-to-be-released May Revise. Here is the LA Daily News article:

The May Revise is expected to be released this Thursday, May 14th. Our first window for action will be this Thursday, May 14th, and Friday, May 15th. We will need your help! 

The best way you can support this is by forming or joining an advocacy event between 2pm Thursday the 14th and 5pm Friday the 15th. 


·         At your phonebank event, participants will need to identify and call their representatives – assemblymember, senator, and the Governor.

·         Individuals can participate on-site with their cell phones, using local landlines, or from home.

·         Callers will be asking their representatives to support the Lanterman Coalition’s message/response to the May Revise. This is being developed and will be provided in time for your events.

·         Depending on the legislator (lists will be provided), they may also be requested to “tell leadership to support this priority.” 

Letter-writing (fax)

·         Much like phonebanking, individuals will have to reach out to their representatives and ask for support of the Coalition’s message.

·         Letters can be tailored around the Coalition’s message and enhanced by the use of personal stories.

·         Because we will have a window of roughly 36 hours to complete this, you will need to send your letters in by fax.

·         Individuals who cannot attend in-person can also send in messages by fax from home.

Social Media

·         As with the other outreach options, this will involve constituents contacting their representatives.

·         Individuals will need to connect with their legislators via their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

·         Draft versions of shorter messages, appropriate to the medium, will be provided. 

·         No central meeting place is needed for this.


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