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Action Alert – Support Needed for Two Bills

Ask Your Legislator to Support the Two Bill Package to Start Us Down the Path of System Recovery for People with Developmental Disabilities

February 24, 2016

ABX2-1 Assembly Member Tony Thurmond
SBX2-2 Senator Edward Hernandez

Floor Vote expected next Monday February 29, 2016 (Assembly Floor at about 12 noon and Senate Floor at about 2 pm).  This is one of the last steps to achieve legislation that would begin to build a path forward and away from collapse.  For over a year thousands of advocates just like you have kept a close dialogue with their representatives to #KeepThePromise of the California Lanterman Act, let’s finish strong.

Please, call your Senate and Assembly representatives and ask them to support the two bill package of ABX2-1 and SBX2-2.  As we acknowledged earlier, the agreement doesn’t achieve everything needed, but it is a critically important step to provide relief and recovery.

Lanterman Coalition Letter – updated

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  1. A 7.5% increase for salaries and benefits, for community providers and regional centers
  2. A 2.5% increase for administrative and other costs, for community providers and regional centers
  3. A restoration of the supported employment rates to 2006 levels (a 10% increase from now)
  4. A 5% increase for supported and independent living services
  5. A 5% increase for in-home and out-of-home respite services
  6. A 5% increase for transportation services
  7. An effective 5% increase for ICFs, via a 3.75% increase and elimination of prior cuts
  8. The creation of competitive integrated employment programs with paid internships and incentive payments for helping individuals obtain and retain employment
  9. An increase in vendor audit thresholds
  10. A rate study plan
  11. Funding for bilingual staff at regional centers, cultural competency training, and parent education efforts

SBX2-2 (Hernandez)

  • SBX2-2 is the Revenue Bill that the Governor has agreed to use to fund the developmental disabilities new expenditures.
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