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ARCA Action Alert – Call Conference Committee

The Conference Committee Cares about you…

But will they choose targeted increases?

The Budget Conference Committee has been meeting to work out the differences between the Senate and Assembly’s Budgets. On Monday, they did their first review of Human Services, including funding for our system. Each Committee member has heard your voices, and knows developmental services needs and deserves support.

But they are still considering targeted increases. We need a 10% across-the-board increase now, and long-term funding reform.

We are now at the final stages of our advocacy campaign with the Legislature and the Governor. It is more important now than ever before that you to call those members and the Governor, send faxes, and get on social media. They will make a final decision in just the next few days, and unless you ask them to support the Assembly’s 10% funding starting July 1st, and the Senate’s proposed system reform now, providers will continue to go out of business, and regional centers will keep struggling under non-compliant caseloads.

Assemblymember Richard Bloom knows this is “a very righteous issue.” Assemblymember Melissa Melendez describes funding levels as being “abysmally low.” Assemblymember Shirley Weber agrees that “this is our year to do something significant.” And Senator Mark Leno, the Chair of the Committee, understands “it’s our responsibility to help.” Start at 00:23:20 in this video to see it yourself!

But they may make the wrong choice, unless you make a few quick, targeted phone calls to the legislators who matter most, and the Governor.

Will your services be the next to go away? Or will you call and speak to these key legislators who have the power to save our system?

Make the call, and change the system that impacts your life. Dial, read the script, and you’re set!
Amplifying your voice is CRITICAL. Can you ask a favor from your friends? Click that envelope to ask them to help you – and our whole system!
If you’re on Twitter, this link’s for you! Share your support of 10%+Reform with your followers and the Governor. Tag your own legislators, too!
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