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ARCA Action Alert – Call, tweet, Fax by May 20th

Governor Brown’s Budget holds nothing for us…
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ARCA, and the rest of the Lanterman Coalition, needs your help NOW! Our system is in a crisis,
and the Governor refuses to recognize it.

The May Revise has been released…

NO new funding, NO budget reform!

Governor Brown’s updated Budget (called the “May Revise”) does not include the Lanterman Coalition’s Budget request. We must act now to fight this outrageous failure to recognize our system’s crisis. Our services, our supports, and our lives are on the line.

Between NOW and 5pm Wednesday, May 20th, we need you to call, fax, tweet, and send Facebook messages to key legislative leaders and tell why it is critically important for them to support the Lanterman Coalition’s Budget position. Our system’s continued existence is on the line. If we can’t convince them, we all face another year of grievously inadequate funding. That means more programs will close. And the threat to the lives of people with developmental disabilities will loom even larger.

With mere days for you to act, we desperately need you to contact those key legislators and tell them “#KeepThePromise!” Our programs, our homes, our jobs, and our lives are in their hands.

There are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to support this. Start by clicking the phone icon below. Time is running out!

Unless you call these legislative leaders by 5pm Wednesday the 20th, we will lose this fight. They are our last hope!
Click here for simple steps on how you can say that our system is facing an outrageous crisis, all in a 30-second phone call.

Click the bird to tweet to your followers – and the Governor – “I support the Lanterman Coalition Budget request! @JerryBrownGov #keepthepromise”. Better yet, tag your legislators to mention them!

Save the date! The Lanterman Coalition will be holding two “Ring The Beall” marches on the Capitol – the first one is this Monday, the 18th. Meet at 13th and K Street, at noon. Bring a bell and support Senator Beall!

Your advocacy made a groundswell of support in the Legislature. 65 legislators support the Lanterman Coalition’s request for an across-the-board 10% funding increase for developmental services. They also support reforming our system’s funding.
The Governor disagrees.
Tell them to #KeepThePromise.
Call now! Share this message on social media! Then forward this email to five friends who will also pick up the phone to save our system. We also want you to join the rallies and be ready for more ways to help our community get the support it so desperately needs!
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