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Budget – More Advocacy Needed – Learn How You Can Help

The Legislature’s coming back….

Will you?

Next week, the Legislature returns from its summer break. Advocates like you have spent time connecting and communicating with your representatives in their home offices, and now it’s time to bring it back to the Capitol!

The Special Session is still going. We need them to come up with a real solution to our system’s problem’s this year. Not only because more services and more people are jeopardized every day by underfunding – but because Governor Brown has threatenedpromised that without new funds (see box at the end of this email), he’ll assume a billion-dollar hole in his January Budget… and find the money by making cuts elsewhere. We – our system – could be that “elsewhere.”

Fortunately, there are many ways for you to demand the Legislature not break faith with our community. There will be a pair of hearings on Tuesday next week, giving advocates and the public in general the chance to comment. The Assembly committee agenda is specifically focused on our system. The Senate committee (no agenda yet) will be discussing the Managed Care Organization (MCO) tax as a potential funding fix (for more on that, see prior action alert). Come out and make your voice heard!

There’s also a rally, with speakers and legislators, followed by a march on the Capitol, coming together on September 3rd.

And if you can’t get to Sacramento, find your representatives, and ask them – in person, on Twitter, via Facebook, phone calls, and visits – to support the Lanterman Coalition’s Budget position!

Join us, and help keep the pressure on. It’s been a long push, and we still have a distance to go – but that distance is our lives, our community, and our Lanterman Act.

Tuesday, August 18th
Senate Hearing
State Capitol Room 4203

Assembly Hearing

State Capitol Room 4202

Thursday, September 3rd
Rally in Sacramento

Why the Special Session?

California has, for some time, taxed certain health insurance companies. The tax was reimbursed by the federal government. In short, it was a creative way to get extra money for the Medi-Cal system. But that type of tax is no longer allowed, and the federal government will stop providing that money – somewhat over $1 billion a year – next year.

Called by Governor Brown, the 2nd Extraordinary Session will focus on other, acceptable ways to get that money. If a new way doesn’t come out of it, the Governor may end up cutting other programs. But if extra funds arise, our service system could get the funding (and reform) we’ve been pushing for. Democrats and Republicans are already developing different ways to revitalize our system. We firmly believe the best way is the way that works – the way that gets through this special session, is signed by the Governor, and both boosts our community’s funding across the board, and reforms the funding system.

10% without reform is treading water. Reform without the 10% is a guarantee more providers will close – and our community will continue to suffer. Both elements are critical, and we remain committed to seeing them happen!

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