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Letters to Legislators – Restoration of 4.25 Payment Reduction

Write to California state officials about the restoration of the 4.25% payment reduction to Regional Centers and Services Providers.  Please take a moment to send this important message to:

  • Governor Jerry Brown
  • Terri Delgadillo, Director, Department of Developmental Services
  • Darrell Steinberg, Senate President pro Tern
  • John Perez, Speaker of the Assembly
  • Mark Leno, Chair, Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee
  • Mark DeSaulnier, Chair, Assembly Subcommittee No. 3 on Health and Human Services
  • Bob Blumenfield, Chair, California State Assembly Committee on Budget
  • Holly Mitchell, Chair, Assembly Sub-Committee #1 on Health and Human Services

Click here for a PDF (1 MB) that includes eight sample letters. Letters may be mailed to the addresses listed, or bring your signed copies to the receptionist at the Tri-Counties Regional Center Executive Office in Santa Barbara at 520 East Montecito Street.  Cathy Berry, Executive Administrative Assistant to Dr. Omar Noorzad, TCRC Executive Director, will mail the letters on your behalf.  Signed copies may also be emailed to Cathy Berry at

Dr. Noorzad shared these letters at the special TCADD Board Meeting held in February.

Your voice is important! Our legislators and Governor count the number of communications received for specific issues.  Our very important entitlement supporting services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities in California, the Lanterman Act, is at risk.  Let’s do everything possible to communicate to our elected officials that our system cannot endure the current cuts in the long term.

Sample text from the letters is also listed below.

RE: Restoration of the 4.25% Payment Reduction to the Regional Centers and Service Providers (Vendors) Budget Effective July 1, 2012

Dear ____________,

I am writing you today to strongly advocate for the restoration of the 4.25% payment reduction to the Regional Centers and Service Providers (Vendors) effective July 1, 2012.
Developmental Services has endured over $1 Billion in cuts in the last several years. Our community based services system is very fragile and cannot endure the continuation of the 4.25% payment reduction any longer. Restoring the 4.25% payment reduction will inject a direly needed $158 million to the regional center community based services system that will prevent community based services from collapsing and thus costing the State more to institutionalize persons with developmental disabilities.

Please discontinue the proposed $200 million Trigger Cut to developmental services. If the Trigger Cut must continue, please don’t extend the 4.25% rate cut as a way to achieve these savings. Please look to other solutions such as the savings from SB 946 (Steinberg) that will require insurance companies to pay for some behavioral services currently paid by regional centers, developmental center budget efficiencies and accelerated closures, decrease the need for admissions from the community to the developmental centers, savings from emerging technologies, and other least hurtful savings proposals.

Please make the restoration of the direly needed 4.25% payment reduction to the Regional Centers and Service Providers (Vendors) effective July 1, 2012 a priority. Over 256,000 persons with developmental disabilities and their families are counting on your support and will be closely monitoring your decision.


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