TCRC Executive Director Reports to the Board – May 2018

Click here to view a report for the upcoming TCADD Board of Directors meeting prepared by TCRC’s Executive Director, Dr. Omar Noorzad. It includes Governor Brown’s proposed 2018-19 budget, budget highlights for DDS, ARCA’s analysis of the budget, Holden’s request for bridge funding for Service Providers, a TCRC letter in support of Holden’s request, a budget flow chart, the consulting firm DDS hired to complete the Provider Rate Study, and a rate study overview. Self-Determination resources include revised FAQs from DDS and Disability Rights California, a service comparison, a letter from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, the TCRC Self-Determination enrollment process, a flyer, a letter from DDS, a list confirmation letter from DDS, the Advisory Committee calendar and the committee’s outreach flyer.