Becoming a Provider

Service providers must be vendored by Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) before they can provide and be reimbursed for services. “Vendorization” is the term used to describe the entire approval process involved in preparing to provide services to individuals served by the regional center. While this process often involves obtaining licenses and/or approval from other State and local agencies prior to becoming a vendor, the main point of contact is TCRC’s Resource Development team. The application process starts here, and we will be your guide throughout the entire process.

The first step in becoming a TCRC service provider is to find out if you offer a service that meets the needs of the people served by TCRC. We encourage potential service providers to utilize the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to make this determination.

Check for Current Request for Proposals (RFPs) here.

Letter of Interest is now open.

While becoming a vendor makes a provider eligible to provide services, it in no way obligates Tri-Counties Regional Center to purchase services from that vendor.

Would You like to be Notified of New Development Needs?

TCRC keeps an electronic address book of individuals who would like to be notified of resource development needs. If you would like to be included in future email notices, click here to add your name to the “RFP Notification” mailing list.

Service Provider Orientation

Service Provider Orientation (SPO) is conducted twice annually, in the Spring and in the Fall.

Registrations have closed for the Spring 2023 Service Provider Orientation. Registrations for the Fall 2023 Service Provider Orientation will be available soon. 

Contact the Resource Developer in your region for more information. Opt in to our Service Provider mailing list for updates.

Residential Services Orientation for Family Home Agencies will be offered as needed.

Registrations have closed for the Spring 2023 Residential Services Orientation. Registrations for the Fall 2023 Residential Services Orientation will be available soon. 

If you are not sure if this training is for you, please contact your local TCRC Resource Development for further information.

Guiding Principles