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Billing & Authorizations


DDS now requires all Service Providers to submit invoices electronically – with the exception of Parent Vouchered services (respite, day care…).  Electronic billing allows you to access your monthly invoice directly through a secure Internet site. With a log-in and password, you can access billing and payment history at any time.

To sign up for e-Billing please complete the enrollment form below.  Once you have submitted your enrollment form – instructions on how to access and complete your on-line bill will be sent to you.

e-Billing Enrollment Form


Service Provider Portal

The Service Provider Portal allows providers to receive authorization information faster and in a more efficient way than by traditional mail service.

After the authorization is input into the TCRC system, it will be available to service providers typically within one working day.  Additional reports allow the service provider to reference important consumer information and plan for authorization expiration dates, all online.

To enroll in the Portal – please complete the enrollment form listed below.

Service Provider Portal Enrollment Form

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS SITE: NEW Service Provider Portal

Service Provider Portal User Guide (PDF)
Tutorial on the Service Provider Portal (YouTube)


Direct Deposit:

TCRC now requires all providers to be paid electronically.   A Direct Deposit form must be submitted with a copy of a cancelled check.



Memo from DDS regarding the 5.82% Increase to Implement the New FLSA Regulation

Additional Resources:

For Residential and ICF providers: Trust Management Services (TMS) and P&I funds – FAQ