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Excerpt from the TASH Newsletter

The COVID-3 legislation has a number of important components for people with disabilities:
• SSI and SSDI recipients will receive cash rebates if they receive an annual SSA-1099 or filed taxes. If they do not have either of these forms, they will need to complete a 2019 tax filing or look for a special form from the IRS to complete.
• Money Follows the Person funding and the Spousal Impoverishment protections were extended until 11/30/20.
• The ability to waive provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act were removed from the draft law.
• $30 billion was allocated to the Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief Fund, which can be used for IDEA, 504, and other disability instruction and services. It will be critical for state and local advocates to immediately interact with their state Departments of Education and local school districts about how those funds will be used to support students with disabilities.
• $150 billion was allocated to state and local governments. As with the school funds, stakeholders will need to advocate for the use of these funds to provide blind, deaf, developmental disability, vocational rehabilitation, and other disability services.
• Availability of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for non-profit agencies. The SBA guide describing how to access the SBA loans is available here.
• $85 million additional funds for Centers for Independent Living and $50 million for Aging and Disability Resource Centers to address the COVID crisis.