Message to Service Providers – March 18, 2020

Dear Provider Partners,

Thank you to those of you who were able to join our provider information session today.

As you know, the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a respiratory illness caused by a novel virus that has been spreading worldwide. Community-acquired cases have been confirmed in California and now also within the Tri-Counties area.

TCRC continues to be committed to working with our provider community to ensure that updated information is shared as it becomes available for the purposes of increasing awareness, preparedness and responsiveness.  As such, you will find contained in this communication a summary of today’s call as well as resources needed to develop or enhance your contingency plans to minimize the exposure and spread of COVID-19.The following is a summary of today’s Information Session:

  • Transition to Closing of Day Services in the TCRC area effective 3/23/20 to comply with social distancing advisories and to prepare for “Shelter in Place” contingencies.
  • All day programs will be closed as of Monday, March 23, 2020. The last day of day program services until directed otherwise will be Friday, March 20, 2020.
  • Day programs who support participants who rely upon R&D transportation are to report their closure to R&D utilizing the below information.


SLO County Order to Shelter in Place Effective 5:00 pm Thursday, March 19th, 2020

    • Please access the link above for detailed information on the Shelter In Place order.
    • ALL SLO County day programs need to close by the end of day Thursday, March 19th, 2020.
    • Staff Sharing Across Programs
    • TCRC has created a form which will serve as a staff registry to facilitate staff sharing across programs.
      • This registry and instructions will be shared in a separate communiqué to avoid the public posting of staff contact information.
    • As day programs close, residential programs will be in need of additional staffing support.
    • The registry will contain available staff’s contact information including name and phone number, and will also indicate whether or not they are currently associated with a licensed program.
      • Licensed residential providers seeking staff should limit themselves to staff that are already associated with licensed day programs. This will expedite the time needed to have the staff person associated with their license as their background clearance is already on record with Community Care Licensing (CCL).
    • CCL-licensed residential providers will need to complete Form LIC 9182 – Criminal Background Clearance Transfer Request accompanied by a copy of the staff’s driver’s license for submission to Community Care Licensing.
    • CCL Provider Information Notice (PIN) 20-08-ASC includes waiver information including how staff association to you home will be expedited.
    • Non-licensed residential providers are encouraged to first contact registry staff on the registry that are not currently associated with licensed day programs; this will assist licensed residential programs in accessing qualified staff for their homes.

State Of Emergency Billing

    • On March 4, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency for California, as a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak. The letter from Zari Foosherian, TCRC POS Accounting Manager, which was emailed to providers as well as posted on the eBilling and Service Provider Portal, provides guidance to service providers for State of Emergency (SOE) billing for Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.  We will be sending out and posting a revised letter on Thursday for further clarity.
    • Clarification was provided that SOE billing is completely separate from the staff sharing program.

Health and Safety Waiver Requests

    • The Executive Directors of regional centers have been given the authority to grant rate adjustments for residential services and/or supplemental services in residential settings to protect an individual’s health or safety as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. This may include the need for a residential provider to pay staff overtime wages for coverage due to day program closures, additional staffing support for supervision purposes, etc.
    • TCRC is currently developing instructions for requesting these waivers as well as a budget tool which will be shared with each residential provider in the event the need arises to make such a request.
    • This Health and Safety Waiver provision is temporary, and is in effect until April 12th, 2020, or until discontinued by the DDS.

N-95 Mask Distribution

  • The DDS has made a limited supply of N-95 masks available to each regional center. TCRC’s supply of masks is expected to arrive at the end of this week. Residential providers will be receiving a limited allotment of these masks next week.
  • Because of the limited supply and per CDC recommendations for mask use, allotted masks are intended only for use in isolation by individuals who become ill. They are not intended for healthy individuals or staff.
  • You can view a video here on proper mask fitting from OSHA.
  • Designated TCRC staff for provider communication
  • Providers are requested to communicate with:
  • Zari Foosherian, TCRC POS Accounting Manager for billing-related issues;
    • TCRC Managers and our local Quality Assurance Specialists in all of the offices are available to answer questions. They will be your main point of contact should you need any assistance.
  • Emergency supplies for individuals beyond masks
    • TCRC has contacted the Public Health Departments in all three counties as well as Gold Coast Health Plan and CenCal to explore potential resources for needed supplies. Unfortunately they do not have access to any additional resources.  However, they did note that if the health of someone is in question or of significant concern, the Public Health Nursing programs may be able to help.

Thank you for your continued partnership in providing quality services for the individuals we support,

Diva Johnson, MA, LMFT, Director of Community Development          

And Mark O’Keefe, Acting Director of Community Development