All Tri-Counties Regional Center participants are able to opt into the NEW service delivery model that provides a lot more flexibility on the types of services where you can spend your regional center dollars.

Need Help Entering the Self-Determination Program? NeuroNav has been selected by the self-determination committee to offer coaching services to support enrollment in the NEW Self-Determination Program. These services are all FREE to Tri-Counties Regional Center participants including:

  1. REE 1:1 Coaching

Prefer individualized support? NeuroNav offers 1:1 transition support with an expert coach to answer questions and assist with the Self-Determination Program enrollment process.
FREE 8-Week Group-Coaching

Prefer a group setting? Join our 8-week Transition Coaching Program, consisting of weekly small-group meetings run by an expert independent facilitator. Our coaching program provides step-by-step, personalized support along the entire transition process.

  1. FREE Self-Paced Online Learning Modules

NeuroNav also offers an entirely self-paced online course on the Self-Determination Program. The eight training modules cover the budget and spending plan and are highly interactive and engaging. The course is available on mobile and desktop in both English and Spanish and comes at no cost to the user.

Interested in signing up? Click here to read about our FREE services.

Want to learn more about NeuroNav? You can read all about the organization here!