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Family Preparedness Checklist – COVID-19


Medical One Page Profile

Use this sample Medical One Page Profile to help medical personnel quickly learn about your loved one once they have been admitted into the hospital.

Health Passport Hospital Transfer Form

Use this Health Passport Hospital Transfer Form to share essential information with medical personnel in case a trip to the hospital is needed. Use este Formulario de Transferencia de Hospital de Health Passport para compartir información esencial con el personal...

How to Prevent the Spread of COVID If Sick

CDC Factsheet Steps to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 if You Are Sick Important steps to take and things to remember when caring for someone at home with COVID-19 en espanol Que hacer si contrae la enfermedad del coronaviurs 2019

Family Preparedness Checklist

Even in these stressful times, there are specific steps we can take to prepare for if someone we care for is exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19. Though we hope these preparations are not needed, this Family Preparedness Checklist will help you prepare for a...