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The Public Charge rule is being temporarily paused during the “national health emergency in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.” This rule has been the focus of many lawsuits around the United States, and has been in effect since January. It is a test used on people trying to immigrate or get a green card. Immigration officials are required to look at all of the relevant details about a person (the “totality of circumstances”) to decide if they are likely to need to use benefit programs. This only applies to the person trying to change their immigration status. Services other family members use don’t count against them. Yes, that includes regional center services!

Public Charge & Other Benefits

  1. Public Charge: Does This Apply To Me?
  2. Know Your Rights!
  3. Should I Keep My Kids Enrolled In Health And Nutrition Programs?
  1. Carga Pública: ¿Aplica En Mi Caso?
  2. ¡Conozca Sus Derechos!
  3. ¿Debo Mantener La Inscripción De Mis Hijos En Los Programas De Salud Y Alimentación?


Other Resources

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Know Your Rights

You have rights to protect your health (English)

You have rights to protect your health (Spanish)

Getting The Help You Need
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