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Request for Presentations

We are excited to announce our 2019 CA Gathering Theme 

Dynamic Discovery
Cultivating a community of innovation that empowers people to live the lives they’ve imagined.

Participants will be inspired to re-imagine how Person Centered practices can support people and facilitate the change that creates meaningful lives in their community.

This year’s gathering is about bringing our community together to explore new ideas and test our assumptions. We want to invite attendees to think out of the box and re-envision what is possible. We are excited to share innovative approaches and resources for Person Centered planning that honor a person’s unique hopes, dreams, gifts, skills and personal history.

We are looking for learning around Person Centered Thinking and Person Centered Planning in the following topic areas:

  • The Basics – Planning and Facilitation
  • Innovative Discovery Processes/Innovative ways and ideas to use  Person Centered Thinking
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Implementing Person Centered planning in Organizations
  • Creating more meaningful lives
  • People building relationships and enjoying a sense of belonging
  • Developing meaningful employment opportunities
  • Self Determination
  • CMS Home and Community Based Waiver
  • Developing creative and unique services & supports
  • Stories of how we are using Person Centered Thinking and Planning
  • What I am learning and trying related to Person Centered Thinking
  • Ways that I am sharing Person Centered Practices in my community
  • How my life is getting better using PCT…

Some of the ways you could share your learning at the California Gathering:

Learning Marketplace: This is an informal participant led discussion with other like-minded participants around an area of interest, a question or sharing of a resource related to Person Centered Thinking/planning

Break Out session: This is a formal presentation that includes opportunities for application, questions and discussion

Gallery Walk: This is a visual representation demonstrating of learning and implementation of Person Centered Thinking and planning

As part of your submission please share with us:

  1. How you envision participating – Learning Market Place, Break Out Session or Gallery Walk
  2. How  it will support the theme and desired outcome
  3. What relatable, relevant and useful information will you use to enhance participant’s knowledge of PCT and Person Centered Practices
  4. How you will provide opportunities for participants to apply and practice their learning through discussion and questions?
  5. Please email your proposal to Tina Calderaro-Mendoza tinac@tri-counties.orgwith CA Gathering Proposal in the subject line. 
  6. Proposals are due June 1, 2019

We look forward to hearing about how you will contribute to this years CA Gathering. Our committee will vet the proposals and get back to you no later than June 14, 2019.