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CA Gathering 2019 Volunteer Opportunities

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Join the… 

  • Gallery Walk Team
  • Learning Marketplace Team
  • Welcoming Committee


  • Logistics and Registration Team
  • Table Hosts Team
  • CA Gathering Planning Committee

Core Responsibilities of Teams

Desired Skills and Interests

Gallery Walk Team – Lead: Liz Rodgers

  • Provide input to develop the vision of the Gallery Walk to align with the Gathering theme
  • Team members will be assigned to assist with particular areas of the Gallery Walk (setting up, assisting contributors prior and during event, and cleanup of the displays)
  • Take each GW participant to set up location and provide needed materials
  • Logistics, display details and day of assistance for GW participants and GW team helpers

Enjoys collaborating and working with a group

Flexible work style
Comfortable with unexpected issues Supportive Organized


Learning Marketplace Team – Lead: Michele Ferrall

  • Help Learning Marketplace (LMP) hosts to introduce topics and post ideas on LMP wall calendar
  • Assist Learning Marketplace Hosts by moving easels, posting signs and making sure supplies and evaluations are placed prior to their session
  • Announce at the beginning and end of each day any changes or additions to the LMP calendar

Good communicator
Able to move bulky equipment Comfortable speaking to a group

Logistics and Registration Team – Lead: Julie Tomlinson

  • Be available to assist with set up on the day before the event, in the morning on both days, and after the end of the event on both days
  • Develop and manage the registration process, and greet attendees at the check-in/registration table
  • Prepare name tags, participant packets, sign-in sheets, and photo consents
  • Be available to assist presenters and attendees as requested throughout the event
Able to help with set up and break down
Comfortable with technology
Flexible work style
Team player
Willing to help however needed
This team will be supporting the Gathering through out the day and will not be available to attend Gathering sessions.

Welcoming Committee – Lead: Mike Nagel

  • Welcome attendees at conference room doors and be available to answer questions throughout the day
  • Keep an agenda and venue map in hand to help people find their learning sessions
Warm & Welcoming

Comfortable talking to people

Table Hosts Team – Lead: Jennifer Dwyer

  • Welcome participants at table
  • Make sure everyone knows each other through introductions
  • Answer questions about logistics of the event if needed and direct to people who can help
  • Help people connect to other likeminded folks if they ask who they can talk to about a certain topic; especially for folks who are out of town
  • Help facilitate table conversations/exercises throughout both days as requested
  • Have an agenda and venue map available
A good listener

Comfortable speaking to a group Passionate about Person Centered Practices
Enjoys working with groups

CA Gathering Planning Committee – Lead: Tina Calderaro-Mendoza

  • Attend one or two 90-minute planning calls each month
  • If you are unable to make a call, you will notify the team in advance and commit to watching the recording and sharing your input before and after the meeting
  • Share the meeting roles
  • Contribute ideas and take responsibility for any action steps that have been assigned to you
  • Fulfill your designated responsibilities
  • Ask questions when things are not clear
  • Dedicate time in between meetings for small project work and for contributing to discussion threads as needed
Passionate about Person Centered Practices
Creative thinker
Good listener
Completed PCT training and committed to using skills in day to day work

Have attended previous CA Gathering Able to work well in a remote group using video conference technology Able to speak Spanish would be an asset
A TCRC stakeholder, person served or service provider
Sign Up Volunteer Application Deadline –  Please submit your request as soon as possible and no later than 9/1/19. If being a part of the Planning committee is something of interest to you contact Tina Calderaro-Mendoza as soon as possible. 
All volunteers (unless otherwise stated) will be responsible for their own registration in order to attend CA Gathering sessions