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Learn more about Person Centered Practices

You and every member of your Planning Team are encouraged to attend one of TCRC’s Person Centered Thinking Training sessions. During these sessions, TCRC brings together regional center staff members, service providers, the individuals we serve, and their families and friends to learn about the basics of PCT. You will learn creative ways to gather and share meaningful information, resolve problems, and create goals and action plans.

If you enjoy what you learn at the PCT Training session, you can get involved in our Communities of Practice. With meetings every other month at each TCRC office, the Communities of Practice dig deeper into topics introduced at the PCT Training and help to build your skills as a person centered thinker. During Communities of Practice meetings, TCRC staff, the individuals we serve, and service providers collaborate to figure out how we can use PCT to improve all of our working relationships, and the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities.

Click here to find the schedules for upcoming Person Centered Thinking Training sessions.

Click here for upcoming Communities of Practices meetings.

Click here for helpful Person Centered forms.

For more information about Person Centered Thinking visit:

  • The International Learning Community for Person Centered Practices at
  • The CA Gathering for Person Centered Practices– TCRC also teams up with the Learning Community and a number of regional organizations to host the annual California Gathering for Person Centered Practices, a collective learning event focused on sharing knowledge and furthering efforts to promote person centered system change. Keep an eye out for announcements about the California Gathering on the Learning Community and TCRC websites.
  • Helen Sanderson Associates, a UK-based international team that works collaboratively to embed person centered practices in the heart of teams and organizations, at www.helensandersonassociates. You can read blogs, research papers, and news reports at their online Reading Room at