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The Person Centered Planning Process

Person Centered Planning Resources

Who is involved in Person Centered Planning?

Your Planning Team is made up of you, your service coordinator or other TCRC staff, service providers, support staff, and any family members, friends, or others you choose to involve.

How does Person Centered Thinking guide my interactions with the regional center?

Everyone who works at TCRC has been trained in PCT and has learned creative ways to gather meaningful information and talk about goal setting, problem solving, and action planning. Your Service Coordinator will guide your Planning Team to use person centered practices during all your meetings and as you put your plans into action.

You can expect that your Service Coordinator will:

  • Listen carefully to what you say and do their best to get to know you well. If you cannot speak for yourself, they will listen to those who know you best and will find ways to communicate with you.
  • Assume the positive and possible rather than focusing on obstacles.
  • Support the many different ways people choose to live, without judging people’s choices.
  • Use People First Language to always put people before disabilities.
  • Check to make sure they understand your perspective before they act or respond.
  • Seek input from those affected by each decision.
  • Be well informed about the services available as options to include in your plan.

TCRC staff as a whole will:

  • Honor and solicit different perspectives before making decisions.
  • Give thoughtful input on decisions and help evaluate outcomes.
  • Be honest in their opinions and assessments.
  • Take initiative to act when they hear a need or opportunity.
  • Follow through on what they say they will do.

For the process to work best, everyone involved is encouraged to:

  • Stay positive.
  • Listen to others’ opinions and ideas with an open mind.
  • Be reflective and honest about what you can and cannot do.
  • Follow through on what you have said you will do.

Preparing for the Person Centered Planning process.

Before you meet with a Service Coordinator or your Planning Team, take some time to think about what kinds of things they need to know about you to understand you as a person. Write down or record a list of things you admire about yourself, your beliefs and values, your goals right now, and things you dream of doing. Then think about and record any worries you have about getting to your goals and dreams. Finally, think about and record some times in the past when people have helped you to overcome obstacles or supported you in ways that made a difference for you.