Paid Internship Program
The Paid Internship Program (PIP) has incentive payments tied to it. This means if you support an individual in securing a PIP, and they continue to participate, you are eligible for an incentive payment after an individual remains in the paid internship for 30 days and after 60 days. Incentive payments are as follows:

  • 30-days -$750 (subcode PIP30)
  • 60-days – $1,000 (subcode PIP60)

There is no need to provide supporting documentation for PIP incentives to be paid.

To streamline the PIP and incentive payment authorization process, please use this link to access the updated PIP PBS form when establishing a new Paid Internship:

PIP PBS Planning Form

There are no incentive authorizations in place, please contact the assigned Service Coordinator.

PIP Minimum Wage Adjustments
If you are supporting an individual who has experienced a wage increase due to the most recent minimum wage adjustment, there is no need to complete a new PIP PBS form.

Competitive Integrative Employment
CIE Incentive Payments have been increased for individuals who are still engaged in CIE after certain time periods to:

  • 30-days- $2,000 (subcode EMPP)
  • 6 months-$2,500 (subcode EMP6)
  • 12 months- $3,000 (subcode EMP12)

When establishing a Competitive Integrative Employment (CIE) site, please complete a Request for Authorization and submit to the assigned Service Coordinator.

Supporting documentation (e.g. paycheck stub) is required for the release of authorized incentive payments. When an individual reaches an employment milestone, please complete the CIE Incentive Payment application found here Remember to upload a copy of the paycheck stub.

We thank you for your patience & continued partnership.