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For people on SSI and Working. Or on SSA/SSDI and Working

The details below can help protect against potential overpayment which could lead to loss of benefits. View a chart “How Unemployment Insurance (UI); Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC); Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Will Affect My Benefits” here.

Rep Payees -Identify who the Rep Payee is and if they are reporting wages to both SSI and SSA/SSDI monthly as these programs do not communicate with each other. If someone receives both benefits but only reports to one, the other program may not receive the information. There are different ways to report wages but there is a way to report to both programs at the same time is by creating a MySSA Account & MyWR (My Wages Report). If reported within the first 6 days of the month, it could avoid over payments. Rep Payees are also responsible to report changes to SSA within the first 10 days after the month in which change occurred: living arrangements, income and resources, marital status or leaving the country for more than 30 days.

Subsidies and Special Conditions – If a person is on SSA/SSDI & receiving any type of vocational support, (job coaching or other special supports), identify who is responsible to report this to SSA on a monthly basis. If it’s not the rep payee, it could be the provider, but ensure there is an going communication between all parties supporting the person served to confirm this is being done. Job Coaching hours can help an SSA/SSDI recipient to reduce their countable income to avoid making Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA=$1260).

IRWE (Impairment Related Work Expenses) – If a person is on SSI or SSA/SSDI and spending own money on things needed for work, such transportation, medications, copays, special clothing/shoes, medical devices, work-related equipment, etc, these expenses need to be reported to SSA and identify who is responsible to report it. IRWEs are subtracted from gross earnings and can help reduce countable income.

EIP Stimulus Payments – It’s not counted as income for SSI and will not be counted as resources for 12 months. It’s recommended to report this payment to SSI program. For SSA/SSDI, payment is not counted as income and does not need to be reported.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits(UI) /PUA/PUC-$600/wk- If someone is on SSI and claiming UI plus PUC, this will affect their SSI. Rep payee need to report income changes and it is recommended to have a planning team meeting to discuss possible consequences with overpayments. If someone is on SSA/SSDI and receiving these benefits, these UI will not affect their SSDI.

Overtime Hours, bonuses, hazard pay, temporary raises – If the person served is on SSI and/or SSA/SSDI, overtime hours could affect their benefits. It is recommended to have a planning team meeting to discuss possible consequences such overpayments or making SGA (for those on SSA/ SSDI)

If person is on Section 8 Voucher – If their income changes, report this to Public Housing Office as their rent will be readjusted based on their monthly income.