Programs and resources may vary slightly from region to region and are typically available to all children. Some may have enrollment fees, financial or other eligibility criteria. Your Service Coordinator will be able to assist you in finding local resources like:

  • Community Programs such as Parks and Recreation, local libraries, and Neighborhoods for Learning offer a range of activities for your child and family
  • Community Preschool Programs offer classes, some of which may require parent participation
  • Head Start is a federally funded preschool program primarily available to children from low-income families. Priority is given to children with special needs

  • State Funded Preschool Programs are operated by some local school districts and other public agencies. These are typically half-day preschool programs and parent involvement is encouraged
  • First 5 California offers a range of services in all counties that are tailored to the needs of local communities. Some of their programs may include preschool (Neighborhoods for Learning), Family Resource Centers, early learning activities, access to health services, dental treatment, mental health services, and parent education
  • Private Preschools are available to your child with a fee for tuition. Private preschools are not typically designed to serve children with special needs, but they are required by law to make accommodations