The Department of Developmental Services is looking for people with developmental disabilities to apply to become members of the Consumer Advisory Committee. The Consumer Advisory Committee provides advice to the Department on policies, programs, legislation, and regulations that affect the lives of consumers in California. There are fifteen (15) Committee members from all over California who meet up to four (4) times per year either in person in Sacramento or by video/conference call. Members will also need to meet as much as possible with local People First and other self-advocacy organizations in their communities. The costs of transportation, hotel, meals, and facilitators, if needed, for Committee members will be paid for by the Department.

If you would like to apply for possible appointment to this Committee, here’s what you have to know and do:

1. You must have a developmental disability and use the services of a regional center or live at a developmental center.
2. You must be a member of one of the following; a local People First, self-advocacy group, or advise another organization which serve or empower people with developmental disabilities.
3. Your local People First or organization MUST nominate you for membership.
4. Fill out the attached application completely and send it along with a nomination letter to:

The Department of Developmental Services
Office of Human Rights and Advocacy Services
1600 9th Street, Room 240, MS 2-15
Sacramento CA, 95814

You can also e-mail them to

Learn more about the CAC

Learn more about applying to be a member of the CAC