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We are in the midst of a national conversation about employment, including employment of people with developmental disabilities and their changing role in the American workforce. Historically, people with disabilities have often participated in very narrowly defined types of employment. There have frequently been low expectations about what they can contribute as workers. But, today self-advocates and their allies are leading a transformation in thinking about how these employees can do productive, valued work in their communities. Griffin, C. 2012. Supporting New Career Paths for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Impact, 25(1). 

What Employment Options Are Available?
All people have the right to work at jobs that pay minimum wage or more, provide opportunities for raises and advancement, and have people with and without disabilities working together. This is called Competitive Integrated Employment or CIE. TCRC and our community workforce partners can support people to obtain CIE through full or part time employment, self employment, micro-enterprise, or contract jobs and skilled work. Community and TCRC funded employment services can be authorized through the planning team process for individuals who choose to work.

Employment & Your Individual Program Plan (IPP)
Let your Service Coordinator know that you would like to develop a Person Centered Plan for Employment. At your meeting, the first option that will be discussed is Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE).  Competitive Integrated Employment is a real choice.  Your Service Coordinator can help you identify which employment options and services are right for you.

TCRC Funded Employment Services