Paid Internship Planning Form

Paid Internship Planning and Budget Sheet (PIP PBS) Form

Vendor uses the link above to complete the PIP PBS Form and sets up in DocuSign. This will initiate the request for the Paid Internship Program.

The vendor will route to all necessary parties in the following order:1. Person completing the form (vendor/provider)

2. TCRC Service Coordinator needs to view (SC views for accuracy and flags any errors)

3. Employment Coordinator Needs to Sign (EC will review SANDIS for any conflicts. EC will review PIP PBS and sign document)

4. TCRC Service Coordinator needs to Sign (SC will sign off on PIP PBS and PIP IPP Amendment via DocuSign. This is also when auths are generated for the PIP,       Incentives if applicable and FMS PIP Fee if applicable.

5. TCRC Manager needs to sign (Manager will review and approve PIP IPP Amendment and auths)6. POS Manager receives copy7. TCRC Support Staff needs to sign (Support staff will date the amendment and file in e-charts)8. SC receives completed copy9. Vendor receives completed copy

*Please note that this process is only covers the PIP and relevant PIP authorizations (PIPW#; PIP30; PIP60; PIPFE)

*Job Coaching Support or other program support such as Tailored Day Services and Community Activities Support must be sent to the Service Coordinator in a separate request as these will require a separate IPP Amendment and authorization.