Special Minimum Wage or Productivity Based Work

“Although created by Congress for benevolent purposes, the subminimum wage program, codified in Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“14(c)”), 3 has come to have many inherent and systemic problems.” (Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal)

“The truth is that people with disabilities can—and do—work in all areas of the American workforce.  They thrive when they fully participate in their communities, and in turn, the nation thrives.” (The National Disability Rights Network)

Transitioning from Subminimum Wage to Competitive Integrated Employment                                             Excerpts from the California CIE Blueprint for Change

The state of California has taken a historic step towards increasing CIE [Competitive Integrated Employment] opportunities for individuals with ID/DD [Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities]. The CDE, DOR, and DDS [California Department of Education, Department of Rehabilitation, and Department of Developmental Services] have worked together to create a proactive interagency plan utilizing available resources to increase opportunities for individuals with ID/DD to prepare for and engage in CIE, and to reduce reliance upon subminimum wage jobs and segregated work settings.

The primary outcome of the Blueprint is to increase the number of individuals who have ID/DD (at least 75% of which are eligible for regional center services) in CIE. The primary Blueprint outcome would not include placements of individuals working in CIE augmented by subminimum wage employment. The departments [of Developmental Services, Rehabilitation and Education] will identify resources to assist service providers as they transition to support more individuals who choose to move from segregated and/or subminimum wage to CIE. The departments will provide specific information on options to increase support for existing and new programs, such as SE [Supported Employment] group, Work Activity Programs, and day programs, in relation to integrated and individualized employment models that support consumers to reach CIE.

A Provider Transformation Manual was created to assist vocational service providers in reaching goals for CIE.