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I Want to Work!   Where Do I Start? 

It can be a lot of work to get a job. But with the right help, people can get a job and be paid well. A person should consider:

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I like to do?
  • What kind of workplace would be best for me?

People usually try out small jobs or volunteer to see what they like.

How to Find Work

  • Ask your Service Coordinator how the regional center can help you prepare for work, find a job, succeed on the job, or start your own business
  • Volunteer for different jobs to learn what you like doing
  • Talk to friends and family about your goals
  • Explore work training programs at adult school or college
  • Ask about employment supports at your Planning Team Meetings
  • Explore getting employment support from the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). Your Service Coordinator can help get you started with DOR
  • Work with your team at school to create goals around job skills, and volunteer or paid work

Getting Help from Your Family Members

  • Talk to your family about the type of work that you might like
  • Explore training ideas in the community such as Adult Education or college with their help
  • Invite your family members to your IEP & IPP meetings

For Family Members to Consider

  • Talk to your family member who’s seeking a job
  • Find out what type of work interests them
  • Help prepare them for work or higher education
  • Participate in their IEP and IPP meetings
  • Partner with the regional center to take an active role in planning
  • Consider your contacts in the community as you brainstorm about possible work options including volunteering or micro-enterprise options
  • Ask about new programs being developed through Adult Education and Community Colleges

Is College Right for You?

Talk to your Service Coordinator to find out if a local program can help you reach your education or employment goals. Click here for a list of Post Secondary and Adult Education Partners.

“With initiative and the right supports and opportunities, people with developmental disabilities can work. They can succeed at a job, earn decent pay, meet people on the job, and be more a part of their community.”

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