Family Support Services

Family support services are provided to assist the family in residing together. These services may include, but are not limited to: in-home respite care; behavioral services; in-home nursing care; out-of-home respite care; day care; and/or crisis intervention services. Family support services for school aged children may be provided when:
• The individual has behavior challenges, medical care needs or supervision needs that exceed those of children the same age without developmental disabilities.
• There are few or no natural supports or services through other publicly funded agencies available to provide necessary supervision during times when the parent(s) are away.
• The behavior or medical needs of the child require supervision by a trained professional.
• The family is experiencing a short-term crisis or emergency situation.
TCRC may authorize funding for the acquisition of specific adaptive skills when the planning team has determined the skills cannot be taught by the family or by other publicly funded agencies.