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On-line Medical Dictionary
You can use MedlinePlus to learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, find out the meanings of words, or view medical videos, or participate in interactive tutorials or view illustrations. Information available in multiple languages including Spanish and English

Designed to give comprehensive info on medical and general developmental issues for age groups prenatal thru young adults with disabilities as well as typically developing people

Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP)
Is a preventive program that delivers periodic health assessments and services free to low income children and youth in California. Provides care and coordination to assist families w/ med appt scheduling, transportation and access to diagnostic and treatment services. Serves those with Medi-Cal up to age 21 and those without Medi-Cal up to age 19.

CDC Web Site – Disability and Safety

Safety Tips for Children with Special Needs
A publication on how to stay safe.

Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities
Valuable resource for women with disabilities offering information on breast and women’s health issues. Also check here.

Health Information in Different Languages
Website with resources to provide info on a number of developmental conditions in many languages.

This link will bring you to the epilepsy page on CDC website where you will find basic info on epilepsy as well as links to a wide variety of medical conditions and credible health information.

DDS Safety Net
DDS sponsored health and safety information. Articles, videos, newsletter and tools directly involving individuals with developmental disabilities.

Center for Research on Women with Disabilities
This is a website on information to improve the health and expand the life choices of women with disabilities. Information also available in Spanish

Build your Own Health Care Notebook
This is a list of downloadable forms with which you can build your own Care Notebook. The major role of this notebook is to help parents/caregivers maintain an ongoing record of their child’s care, services, providers, and notes.

Help Paying for Prescription Medications
A nonprofit with the mission of helping people who can not afford medicine or healthcare costs. Anonymous and free of charge.

Ventura County’s Free Discount Prescription Card Program
Coast2Coast Rx Card and Ventura County are offering a free discount prescription card for all residents and their families. This card can lower the cost of purchasing prescription drugs. While the card is generally for people without health insurance, in some cases it may offer better pricing than certain health insurance plans So it’s important for residents to compare pricing even if they have insurance. Plus some medication might not be covered in health plans that are covered by the Coast2Coast Rx Card.

Helping Parents Navigate the Premature Journey
Having a premature infant can be surprising and scary and can feel like a rollercoaster of uncertainty. You may not know what this may mean for the health of your baby, or how you will handle what is often a complicated and unique journey for you and your baby.

March of Dimes – Coping with Stress in the NICU
When your baby is born prematurely (before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy), you and your partner can feel worried and overwhelmed, especially if he/she is in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU), even for a short time.

NAMI – California
NAMI California works to provide help, hope and healing for those affected by serious mental illness.

Medication Assistance Programs
This link will take you to a list of patient assistant programs on the Epilepsy Foundation website. These programs are designed to improve access to medications and ensure cost is not a barrier to receiving treatment.

Preventative Health Care Screening Guidelines for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Good health is important for everyone. It is extremely important to make sure that individuals with disabilities receive the appropriate medical and preventative health care to achieve and maintain opportunities to live healthier lives. These guidelines are presented solely to assist individuals with disabilities and their family members/caregivers to begin a dialogue with their primary care physician about the important of preventative health care.

SingleCare: Affordable Health Care & Pharmacy Discount Card
Use a SingleCare Card to save on prescriptions, dental, vision and video doctor visits. With the card you can save up to 80% on prescriptions, 55% on dental services, 75% on eye care, and save money with a video doctor visit right from your phone or computer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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