The Medi-Cal program is intended for people with disabilities and for older adults who have limited financial means and need assistance in covering the costs of their health care. Anyone receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) automatically receives Medi-Cal.   Others may apply through the local Department of Social Services (DSS). To apply for Medi-Cal, you may call the local office of DSS.

Ventura County Medi-Cal 

Santa Barbara County Medi-Cal

San Luis Obispo County Medi-Cal

Click on the links below for directories of physicians who accept Medi-Cal or other programs. Please be sure to call to confirm that the physician does accept Medi-Cal prior to setting an appointment.  The directories for SB & SLO counties were found on the CenCal website,


SLO & SB Counties

CenCal Health Contracted Providers

The Holman Group


Ventura County

Gold Coast Health Beacon Health Strategies