Generic Services for Housing

Housing Choice Rental Program (formerly called Section 8)
The Housing Choice Rental Program provides long-term rental subsidy assistance to low income families and individuals, helping families with children, elderly and disabled individuals rent from property owners in their community. Federally funded through the US Department of Housing and Urban Affairs (HUD), local housing authorities administer the program. Waiting lists are typically quite long (two or more years in most areas). One can sometimes move up on the list by obtaining preference points, which are given for paying over 50% of income for housing along with other conditions.

Participating families or individuals pay a portion of their monthly income toward their rent, with the program paying the balance directly to the property owner. There are limitations on the amount of rent a property owner can charge, as well as a limitation to the size of housing unit a family may rent. Individuals who need round-the-clock attendant care typically will qualify for a two-bedroom unit.

Your Service Coordinator can assist you in filing an application for rental assistance.