Age 18 and Older Transition Checklist

  • • Ensure that your circle of support collaborates with person centered planning and discussion
  • • Tour Adult day and vocational service programs
  • • Incorporate adult goals and services that support the transition in your IPP
  • • Attend Opportunity or Transition Fairs (sometimes called Open Houses)
Legal and Financial
  • • Establish long-range plans for future care
  • • Develop or review estate plans
  • • Apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) along with planning for employment. •Determine Representative Payee for SSI if need be
  • • Apply for Medi-Cal benefits
  • • Consider Health Care Directive & Power of Attorney and Representative Authorization
  • • Determine need for Conservatorship
  • • If male, register for Selective Service at
  • • At age 18, when decision-making authority transfers to an individual, he or she assumes responsibility for signing and authorizing an IEP and IPP
Responsibility & Independence
  • • Create a health record-keeping notebook
  • • Continue to learn about how to stay safe in the community. TCRC’s “Safe and Strong” DVDs are available to help inform you
  • • Explore social and recreational community opportunities
  • • Apply for ID card through DMV & register to vote
  • • Include opportunities for vocational experience and functional life skill outcomes in IEP
  • • Determine if a high school diploma or certificate of completion will be a goal
Living Arrangements
  • • Finalize planning for living at home, finding a licensed residential facility or living on your own
  • • Supported Living Services (SLS) or Independent Living Services (ILS) may be available to support you
  • • Track position on the waiting list for Section 8 if you plan to live independently
Work and Volunteering
  • • Explore Supported Employment opportunities
  • • Match your job search with interests & talents
  • • Learn about micro-enterprise and the loan program offered by TCRC
  • • Transportation
  • • Finalize plans for transportation