Turning Age Three

Transition – What is It?
Transition is the process of change that occurs as your child approaches his/her 3rd birthday and the Early Start program ends. This is a time of many changes so we do our best to plan ahead. We call this process ‘Transition Planning’.

Planning for transition typically starts 6 months before your child turns 3 to ensure that there is a plan of support in place to prepare you and your child for a change in services. Your Service Coordinator will schedule a transition meeting to discuss your plans for your child as his/her third birthday approaches. At this meeting you will review a variety of options that are available to all children in your community. Special education and regional center services after age 3 will also be discussed.

Eligibility at Age 3 for Schools and Regional Centers

Eligibility at Age 3 for Schools and Regional Centers

Some children who transition from Early Start may continue to need supports and services. Your child may qualify for services through the school district and/or the regional center. If your child qualifies for special education, it does not mean that she/he...

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