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The eligibility of family members to receive a COVID-19 vaccine can be verified with documentation from the regional center. Request your custom letter on TCRC’s Vaccine Verification Form page. You will be asked for the UCI (Unique Client Identifier) of your family member as well as an email address in order to send the letter.  The UCI can be found on documents that are sent to you from TCRC; specifically you will find it on the Individual Program Plan (IPP) at the bottom of the page.  If you are unable to find that number, please contact your family member’s Service Coordinator and they will be happy to give it to you.  Additionally, Service Coordinators will be glad to help you complete the request or send you a copy of the letter if you have any difficulty in making the request through the link.

While TCRC continues to help educate and coordinate, the Public Health Departments in the three counties served by TCRC are distributing vaccines differently. To get the most updated information please visit the TCRC Vaccine News page here.

TCRC Office Telephone Numbers
Santa Barbara
(805) 962-7881    (800) 322-6994

Santa Maria
(805) 922-4640    (800) 266-9071

San Luis Obispo
(805) 543-2833    (800) 456-4153

(805) 461-7402    (800) 322-6994

(805) 485-3177    (800) 664-3177

Simi Valley
(805) 522-8030    (800) 517-2524