Committee Rosters

TCRC Board Committees support the functions of the TCADD Board of Directors

The Executive, Administrative, Board Development, and Services and Supports Committees are comprised of TCADD Board members.

The Vendor Advisory Committee and the People’s Advisory Committee each have a Board member as a representative. These advisory committees meet to discuss stakeholder issues, and to bring recommendations to the full Board.

Other sub-committees to the Executive Committee call for a special meeting schedule when required. The Strategic Planning Sub-Committee, the Alternatives to Traditional Day Programs Committee, the Housing Task Force, and others meet as needed to further the goals set by the full Board.

See the membership, responsibilities and calendar for each of these committees. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held in TCRC’s large conference room in the Santa Barbara office. For additional information, contact Raquel Blanford, Executive Assistant at 805-884-7215.

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