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Board Membership

Interested in Board membership?
The Tri-Counties Association for the Developmentally Disabled (TCADD) Board offers its members the opportunity to actively participate in setting the future goals and directions of the regional center. Composed of 16 members, the Board seeks persons able to creatively advise the regional center director and staff regarding the agency’s policies and procedures. Diversity of membership is critical for the regional center to successfully promote innovative ideas and concepts on behalf of all citizens with developmental disabilities.

Contributing to the well being of persons served by TCRC is a rewarding experience. Many TCADD Board members have served their terms, and seats for these valued roles are opening. Family members are encouraged to apply, especially those with management, public relations, education or other non-profit experience. We need your support to preserve the quality of life and protect the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Board is composed of individuals with a demonstrated interest in, or knowledge of, developmental disabilities — including persons with legal, management, public relations, and developmental disability program skills. The Board, by law, must also include representatives of the various categories of developmental disabilities served by the regional center; reflect the geographic and ethnic characteristics of the regional center area, and have at least one-fourth membership of persons with developmental disabilities or their parents or legal guardians.

TCADD Board membership offers an opportunity to support the work of the regional center staff, advocate for the needs of persons with developmental disabilities, and share talents and skills in a governance role. Building awareness of the agency’s performance for operational requirements and strategic goals along with the implementation of the TCADD Policies is a rewarding and dynamic experience. Committee level work along with full TCADD Board activities offers Board members a variety of potential ways to contribute to the mission and vision of the agency.

Board members are provided a well-rounded orientation. Learn more about TCADD Board training.

Joining the Board
Click here to start an online Board application
Click here for the Board application in PDF format 
(Save the pdf to your computer to keep your work. This form can also be written by hand, and then mailed to Cathy Berry.)

Contact Cathy Berry if you are interested in TCADD Board Membership

Cathy Berry
Tri-Counties Regional Center
520 E. Montecito Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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